HTMIE(5) File Formats Manual HTMIE(5)

htmieHigh-Tune: Mie

htmie is a netCDF file format for storing the optical properties of water droplets obtained by Mie scattering evaluation. A htmie netCDF file must define the following variables:

One-dimensional array of floating-point data that lists the wavelengths in nanometers for which the following data are defined.
One dimensional array of massic absorption cross-sections in kg of liquid water in suspension.
One-dimensional table of mass diffusion cross-sections in kg of suspended liquid water.
One-dimensional table of asymmetry parameters of the Henyey-Greenstein equivalent phase function.


Edward Hartnett, netCDF4/HDF5 File Format, ESDS-RFC-022v1, March 2011.

The htmie format was first developed for the htrdr(1) program.

September 8, 2023 UNIX