Understanding complex systems


At |Méso|Star> we develop scientific stochastic numeric methods in order to analyze and design energetic systems, taking into account geometrical, temporal or phenomenological complexities. Our main activity fields are radiative transfer, and coupled thermal transfers.

The theoretical framework and the resulting software are co‑developed in association with public research laboratories we are working with. Our research group, whose concerns are physics and computer science, is not only the first group of users of the tools that we develop, but is also at the origin of the scientific advances these tools are based upon. In addition to the realization of our programs, we are also the ones doing the technical and scientific support and writing documentation. If you need help, you are in touch with to the right people.

This site provides all necessary resources and information required for using our copyleft licensed software. You may not only use these programs immediately, but also freely study, modify and redistribute them.

We are proposing two types of commercial offers: actions of support, maintenance and integration over the software that we develop; and also study and research actions, that are conducted in the long-term dynamic of both academic and industrial partners. The Stardis consortium commercial offer is an example of such long-term actions for solving coupled transfers by means of statistical algorithms. Please contact us for any additional information.