Geometric data Generate and load geometric data


To help in dealing with complex geometric data, Star-Engine provides a set of utility libraries to generate shapes or to load them from files.

Star-3DUtilityToolkit is a C library that provides a collection of functions to generate triangular meshes of several shapes. For instance one can build [hemi]spheres, cylinders, cuboids or super shapes, all with an optional thickness, etc. The resulting triangular meshes are structured as a list of indexed vertices that can be directly accessed by the caller.

Super Shape
Truncated thick super shape generated by the Star-3DUT library.

The AW and Star-STL libraries load meshes saved in the Alias Wavefront OBJ file format and STereo Lithography file format, respectively. The loaded data are exposed to the user according to the file format logic: the OBJ meshes are grouped with respect to different criteria (material group, smooth group, etc.) while the mesh of an STL is exposed as a list of triangles.

The Star-3DAW and Star-3DSTL libraries use the two aforementioned libraries to load geometric data from an OBJ or an STL file, respectively, to create Star-3D shapes. These shapes can then be directly used in Star-3D to be ray-traced or sampled.


These libraries are free software: Star-STL, Star-3DAW and Star-STL are released under the CeCILL v2.1 license while Star-3DUT and AW are release under the GPLv3 license. You are welcome to redistribute them under certain conditions; refer to their license for details.