Star-UnstructuredVolumetricMesh Manage unstructured volumetric meshes

Star-UVM 0.0.1 is available

Star-UVM is a C library whose goal is to manage unstructured volumetric meshes defined by a soup of tetrahedra. Once spatially partitioned, the user can efficiently identify tetrahedra cut by an axis aligned box or access the specific tetrahedron that encompasses a given position.

Star-UVM relies internally on Intel(R) Rendering Framework: Embree which provides highly optimized acceleration structures for a wide variety of data workloads. Star-UVM's main targets are programmers who want to efficiently manage complex and arbitrary volumetric 3D meshes.

Only geometric data is processed by Star-UVM. No assumption is made on their associated properties. Either way, Star-UVM provides data, such as primitive indices and barycentric coordinates, needed to retrieve the properties attached to each tetrahedron. These properties can thus be managed externally without arbitrary constraints imposed by Star-UVM on their size, alignment or type.


Copyright © 2020, 2021 |Meso|Star>. Star-UnstructuredVolumetricMesh is free software released under the GPL v3+ license: GNU GPL version 3 or later. You are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; refer to the COPYING file for details.